Eden Bio Wallpaper’s products will create pleasant indoor spaces for you to enjoy health and fragrance to be given by woods and also for you to breathe the nature.
Since 19 years ago when no one could imagine that wallpapers would have a significant impact our health, the company has produced healthful wallpapers using natural materials that are grown in the nature and beneficial to our bodies. They has helped those with evnironmental diseases live a new life.

“Breathing together a natural air “ that is the philosophy of Eden Bio

As individuals spend a day under almost 80% an indoor living, we want a fresh natural air.
Under this circumstance, environmentally friendly products, Eden Bio Wallpaper manufactures them with the natural raw materials.
Pine tree, Charcoal, and illite, these applied natural raw materials itself have “deodorization function “from a deleterious things, and such as VOC.

“The pursuit of zero toxicity natural wallpaper” that is the philosophy of Eden Bio

As the first recipient of the Korean government’s ECO label, Eden continues to research and developever improving products.
We are not only pursuit of environmentally friendly products, a clean fuel product, and zerotoxicity product store place with current deleterious construction materials, such as PVC floor, vinyl wallpaper completely.
Our product ocher surface coated has a fire-retardant function.

“Natural design & tone” that is the philosophy of Eden Bio.

What are the most beautiful color and the design among the world?
Eden Bio Wallpaper provides customers with natural colors and nature-resembling design.
So, you can enjoy in your place fresh, clean air and mood that seem to have come from natural environment.