Jan.   Four patents registered for wallpaper ink composite containing emitters and its method of manufacture (KIPO)
Jul.    Eden Wallpaper Inc. established.
Aug.  Designated as a New Technology Venture by SMBA
Nov.  Two patents registered for method of manufacturing wallpaper containing emissive materials (KIPO)


Jan.   Pine Tree Wallpaper and Charcoal Wallpaper marketing commenced.
May.  Jade Wallpaper trial distribution commenced.
Aug.  Relocated to Manan Venture Center in Anyang city
Dec.  Exportation commenced (Japan).


Mar.   Oxygen Wallpaper developed,trial distribution commenced.
Mar.   Oxygen Wallpaper and Jade Wallpaper trademarks registered.
Oct.   Eden Wallpaper applied to the Presidential Office(Cheongwadae)


Jan.   Anion Wallpaper developed.
Feb.  Anion Wallpaper trademark registered.
May.  South Korea's first VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free wallpaper (KEMTI).
May.  The industry's first ever recipient of KELA's Korea ECO Label
Jan.   Eden Wallpaper applied to Seoul city hall.
Jul.    Eden Wallpaper applied to the Presidential Hospital.


Jan.   Forest Bath Wallpaper developed.
Apr.   Environmentally-friendly Product Purchase Contest (Ministry of Environment)
May.  VOC eliminating wallpaper developed in conjunction with Kyungwon University. 
          Super functional wallpaper developed in conjunction with Gyeongsang National University.
Sep.  Industry exclusive holder of KELA's Korea ECO Label for the entire product lineup.
Dec.  Eco-products 2003 Japan (Tokyo)
Dec.  Winner of the South Korean Minister of Environment Award
Dec.  Winner of the Anyang City Superior Venture Corporation Award


Jan.  Joint Industry-Academic Research with Seoul National University Environmentally-
         friendly Wallpaper and Flooring Adhesive
Oct.  Japan JIS acquired product exproted


Jul.   China Green star mark is acquired
Aug.  ISO 14001 is approved


Feb.  Lavender wallpaper developed that applied herb