Comparison of regular wallpaper and Eden Bio natural wallpaper

Wallpaper related academic materials, and effects on the human body

Excellence of the natural wallpapers revealed through the growth of honeybees and plants.

MBC Special “Three Kingdoms and Atopy (Aired on May 11th, 2012)
All other wallpapers are also advertised as eco-friendly products nowadays.
As those products are made by major companies and have acquired test results, general consumers have no choice but to believe them.
However, even when brands or advertisement could deceive people somewhat, but not the insects and plants.
Here are the vivid evidences, which will tell us that the nature is the answer eventually.
Tests with honeybees
Of the insects, honeybees are the most sensitive to the environment.
When looked at using a microscope, a honeycomb is kept free of bacteria and contaminated bees are to be expelled autonomously.

Divided the test box into two spaces and applied a natural wallpaper to one and an eco-friendly wallpaper to the other.
Then, put 50 honeybees into individual spaces as well as sufficient feed for them together and watched them.

In the section where general wallpaper was applied, the bees lost their activity almost and fell to the bottom even before one day passed, and all were dead after 3 days.

On the contrary, in the section where the natural wallpaper is applied, the bees moved actively while enjoying their feed, and most of them still stayed in good health even after 3 days.

Even though others have put in immense efforts to advertise their products as eco-friendly wallpapers that can generate air fresh, these little insects has proved that those products are fundamentally differently from the natural wallpapers that are made honestly by
using natural materials.